It's Official, Team Shed has finally reached a milestone. We have an actual team! 
Over a year and a half now Team Shed has been working towards this stage and just like racing you have to keep at it to achieve your destination.
Today we welcome Adam France who has decided to give triathlon racing a go.Team Shed was able to fix him up with a road bike and shoes and tonight was the inaugural ride. Adam put the cleats on for the first time and did his first ever 30km tonight. He is a frequent 5km runner and his girlfriend Emily who is a certified lifeguard is working on his swim technique. 
I have always been training alone so now with a team I will push it even harder to achieve my goals. 
So more reason to follow Team Shed!
Rumour has it a 3rd member is right around the corner but we are just waiting on the verbal commitment before we announce it offically.
Anyone else want to get involved just contact me..... we help you achieve your goals whether it's running, Cycling, or triathlon. Find out about living an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Thanks to all our sponsors!
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